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From Ogilvy to Startup land: How Hannah Feldman pivoted into a global content phenomenon for families

From Ogilvy to Startup land: How Hannah Feldman pivoted into a global content phenomenon for families

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ERLY: Tell us about your journey? How did you come to Launch kidadl?

Hannah: I got my start at the grad scheme at Ogilvy, and then went on to have a 16-year career across law at Linklaters, banking at UBS and in the corporate finance space working alongside the serial entrepreneur and investor James Caan. It was while working for Caan that I realised that I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone.

While exploring entrepreneurship I passed on a number of opportunities in more traditional sectors like finance and property as they did not quite feel right. What drove me to pursue Kidadl was that despite there being an app for ordering dinner, one to hail a taxi, and so on, there was no go-to platform to support family life and to help parents entertain and educate their children. After meeting my cofounder Sophie at a hen party and sharing our mutual frustrations with finding amazing ideas and resources for our families the idea for Kidadl was born.

ERLY: Tell us what’s changed since the Pandemic and how has the kidadl product evolved?

Hannah: While we began our life as a company that provided a book and pay service for family activities, the onset of the pandemic resulted in a 180-degree pivot to becoming a content business. We have now transformed into the UK’s premier content site for family edutainment.

Source: Kidadl.com

The other big change is while we were born as an app-focused platform, we have pivoted into a mobile, web-first platform giving us a wider reach than ever before, with 65% of our visitors coming from the United States. We have squarely moved from ticketing to having become a global content discovery platform.

ERLY: How is this differentiated from other content services targeting families such as Mumsnet or Netmums?

Hannah: Kidadl is focused on education, entertainment, and inspiration. We are obsessed with producing quality content for the family market and offering the best free ideas and resources for families and children on the web.  We believe in serving our community of families across the world through a unique Kidadl lens and “edutainment” is central to our DNA.

ERLY: Tell us a little about your funding journey? Have you raised institutional capital yet?

Hannah: We have raised three rounds so far. A friends and family round, an early seed and a late seed round with a mixture of Venture and Angel investors who are hugely supportive with much value to add from a range of media and consumer tech backgrounds.

ERLY: Whats next?

Hannah: We’re totally focused on growing our capability in 2021 to deliver the best edutainment content to the global family market, and to further scaling our US and global audience whilst hyper-serving our UK consumer base.

ERLY: Thank you so much for your time Hannah. Wishing you and kidadl much success in the coming years and look forward to following your story here.

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