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Posted 3 years ago

ERLY STAGE STUDIOS is a creative content studio, Headquartered out of London, United Kingdom at the lovely Somerset House. We have team members across the world from Hawaii to Manilla working to deliver exceptional marketing and content to our global clients and our own internal projects.

The Studio is organised into a few different lines of work:

> Content

> Social

> Games

> Technology

We are now looking for an exceptional marketing associate based out of London (or a commutable distance) to join our merry band of marketing misfits. Although we are a remote first company this role will later involve some events work which will require being on the ground in the UK. You will however be able to work between home, coffee shops (if great lattes are more your thing) and an occasional team meeting at HQ (quite rare, these days more likely to be a zoom call).

If you are excited about the world of entrepreneurship, startups and technology there is no better place for you than to join us in building out our latest venture a global publication and content business.

As a Marketing Associate you will be expected to fulfill a range of exciting duties across a broad range of marketing functions for instance:

– Creating newsletters

– Creating and managing social media accounts across a few strategic channels

– Creating short form and long form content

– Engaging with the target audience on channels which is mostly investors (institutional – that means VC funds and retail (peeps like you and us), startup enthusiasts and technologists (mostly developers and researchers)

– Working with clients and helping them create exceptional and engaging content for their audiences also (entrepreneurs and large brands)

– Attending events (once it’s safe to do so in London and if elsewhere, we would cover the cost of any transport or stay involved)

– Participating in strategy sessions and campaign planning

– Running marketing campaigns and managing leads and data (we will teach you how to run campaigns on social media platforms, use CRM systems and the latest in marketing stacks and 3rd party technology)

To smash this role you should:

– Be self motivated and keen on marketing, content and social media

– Love the world of startups and scaleups as well as technology

– Be a great writer (don’t worry we won’t hold using Grammarly to improve it even further against you. We all do the same! Why miss a comma if you don’t need to?)

– Be a bit of a social media maven; while we don’t expect you to be an influencer by the time you are done with this role you most likely will be a bit of a nano-influencer in the space

– Be organised and detail oriented

– Be an excellent written and verbal communicator (one that ideally does not use cat filters during zoom calls, animated backgrounds however are all the rage on zoom)

– Be a quick study on new platforms (appreciate Clubhouse and emerging social media as an influence on marketing)

– Be able to work with third parties (e.g. PR agencies); all this requires is a steady head on your shoulders, learning how to understand what is best for our business and our clients and how to give them some focus in more mainstream media (think about a journalist covering a story about something you are involved with)

– Be able to work with a broader distributed team across the world ranging from Artists in Manilla to game designers and builders in Chicago, UI/UX peeps in Karachi and Delhi and Animators in Budapest (we were not kidding when we said we were global!)

What do I need to get started?

Apply → Interview → If you are selected start 🙂

We want to make an offer as soon as March 1st, 2021.

There will only be 2 rounds of interviews:

Round 1: Culture and fit

Round 2: Deliverable creation (writing content)

What’s the salary?

Competitive with entry level positions across the agency world (Living Wage +)

Is this only for full time applicants?

We believe in giving everyone a fair chance. If you are exceptional and can’t work the full week,

don’t let that stop you from applying. But please don’t hold it against us if we manage to hire

someone who is able to work the full week, as that is the real need.

To throw your hat in the ring please send us a quick note over email on or

add me on whatsapp on +447921161138 and start the conversation asap. We love go getters and would welcome a quick ping on a channel that works for you.

Thank you so much for reading this and for considering applying! Good luck.

Kind regards,

Farid Haque


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